Best Live Music in Saigon

Whatever your taste or mood, the live music scene in Ho Chi Minh City has something for you. So get dressed, go out, and have a good time. You can thank us later.

Saigon nightlife culture is an amalgamation of influences spread from all across the globe. And the massive influx of foreigners has made quite the impact on live music in Saigon. Tourists, locals and expats are sure to find live beats that pluck the heartstrings to either chill, rock out or dance the night away. 

Check out some of Saigon’s top live music venues tonight!

Chill out bars

Sometimes you simply want to relax while sipping on a soothing beverage with your mates. The following bars will provide you with a comfortable setting to hold proper conversations without having to yell over your friends or booming speakers.

Heart of Darkness Craft Brewery
31S Ly Tu Trong, Ben Nghe, District 1 (11am to 11pm)

live music in Saigon
Photo courtesy of Heart of Darkness

Beers lovers — come one, come all! With up to 20 beer taps on-site and over a dozen hand-crafted flagship beers, Heart of Darkness is any hipster’s craft beer dream. The establishment boasts a variety of exotic beers. We’re talking crisp cucumber Pilsners, Irish stouts, cacao porters and everything in between. Not to mention a perfect bar menu to pair with any Heart of Darkness beer.

Not only does Heart of Darkness provide such an exceptionally unique beer menu, but patrons also enjoy the brews in a relaxed environment of live music ranging from acoustic evenings to jazz events and chill-out sessions. 

Also on offer are other events that will entice a return visit: stand-up comedy events, trivia nights and dramatical improv sessions. 

Check out their events schedule today and see what tickles your fancy!

Bali House
31 Tong Huu Dien, Thao Dien, District 2 (10pm to midnight)

Bali House is the perfect solution, if Asian food is your jam, but you’re looking for a little more funk and burn! It is Saigon’s only traditional Indonesian restaurant. Swing by to enjoy spicy, tangy dishes at this jazz and blues bar and restaurant. 

Finesse in food, drinks and entertainment shine through at Bali House.

It’s almost surreal to be able to share such a statement with friends back home: “I’m eating a nasi goreng in Saigon, listening to a Japanese artist sing Ella Fitzgerald’s ‘My Funny Valentine’ alongside a French pianist.” No wonder visitors embraced it as soon as it opened. 

Rock out bars

Saigon has an awesome rocker scene, believe it or not. Pull out the black clothing and prepare for your hair to get greasy. Saigon’s ultimate rock bar is sure to get you air-guitaring and headbanging.

25C Tu Xuong, Ward 7, District 3 (8pm to midnight)

live music in Saigon
Photo courtesy of RockFanClub

RockFanClub is the joint to visit for “real” rock fans. The drinks menu isn’t as extensive as other bars and the venue may not be as “fancy” as local District 3 lounges, but the great talent and rock-scene feel is definitely present. And its dim atmosphere and gothic scene enhances the rocker vibe. 

It’s not at all surprising to hear reinterpretations or cover bands performing traditional rock & roll, death or black metal, rockabilly or south rock. You won’t be disappointed in the range and quality of music at RockFanClub, whether you’re a Bon Jovi rocker or a Guns N’roses rocker. 

Funk out bars

It’s quite common for seemingly quiet bars in Saigon to transition into a club after 9pm. These bars/lounges offer live bands that will ease you into the spirit of dancing as the drinks pile high throughout the afternoon, so by the time the much louder and upbeat tunes are played, you’ll be ready to hit the dance floor!

Acoustic Bar
6E1, Hem 6, Ngo Thoi Nhiem, Ward 7, District 3 (7pm to midnight)

live music in Saigon
Photo courtesy of Acoustic Bar

Acoustic Bar offers live music and bands each night of the week. The music is always fun, lively and full of energy. The talent varies from local Vietnamese cover bands who have refined top Western hits from over the years, and foreigners who have migrated to Saigon and tend to play their own EPs.

Wednesday nights at Acoustic Bar are always a hit, with ladies night running weekly from 8.30pm to 10pm. What is ladies night, you may ask? No, not discounted drinks, or 2-for-1 drinks, but free, unlimited, cocktails and spirits. Every. Single. Wednesday. This is not a drill, ladies!

But to be fair, regardless of which day it is or which gender you are, Acoustic Bar surely won’t disappoint your dancing bones. Check it out for yourself!

Broma: Not A Bar
41 Nguyen Hue, Ben Nghe, District 1 (Monday, Thursday, Sunday, 5.30pm to 1am / Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, 5.30pm to 2.30am)

Go through a building with no sign, then through a random bar and up four flight of stairs. This is the renowned yet hidden Broma: Not a Bar.

Patrons at Broma are often transported to sunny coasts across the globe. Nights at this mature funk bar vary from Caribbean Reggae to Afrobeat Tuesdays and even South American Groove

Apart from the diverse music range on offer at Broma, there is also a rooftop, garden bar for those looking for cocktails under the sun. This pocket bar is well worth the cryptic maze taken to get there.

Salsa heels or rocker boots? Doesn’t matter — let’s go!

This comprehensive list is a guide to the best live music in Saigon, but only a smidgeon of what’s on offer. Other notable live music bars to groove to are YOKO Bar Cafe and Thi Bar Saigon

No matter what your taste in music or style of dance is, there’s somewhere for you to get your party on tonight!