Best Saigon Dental Clinic for Expats

These four dental offices will help you keep your teeth clean and strong while you’re in Ho Chi Minh City. And they speak English. So take care of your teeth today.

Visiting the dentist is not high on the list for many people unless, of course, you’re a dentist who loves your job. So finding the right Saigon dental clinic is vital as an expat.

You’re in luck. Vietnam sits high on the list of developing countries that offer high-quality dental care. The average cost of a dental crown at a high-quality Saigon dental clinic is around $160 USD, compared to the $1,450 USD you might pay for the same treatment in a western country like Australia. Seeking dental care in Ho Chi Minh City is, therefore, a no-brainer for the expats that live here.

Even Vietnamese often frequent these clinics because nowadays they take as much time to care for their teeth as foreigners do. 

Everyone is spoiled for choice in Saigon as there are many well-established foreign-owned dental clinics in this city. Saigon dental clinics provide a wide range of treatments from preventative care to cosmetic dentistry, so they have you covered for simple checkups, root canals and teeth whitening. And English-speaking practitioners do the job, so no need to learn any Vietnamese phrases before you go! 

Westcoast International Dental Clinic


Westcoast International prides itself on being the No. 1 dental clinic in Vietnam for implants. This dental clinic boasts a team of qualified dental practitioners from all over the world, including Canada, Australia and the USA.

For more than 10 years, Westcoast International has been providing expert dental care in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi for visitors and residents. Their wide range of services includes professional cleaning, teeth whitening, dental implants, bone reconstruction, invisible braces, veneers and much more. The team at Westcoast International is continuously training and learning new techniques to make sure the office remains one of the top dental clinics in Ho Chi Minh City and in Vietnam.

– Norfolk Mansion, 17-19-21 Ly Tu Trong, District 1, Ben Nghe/8.30am to 8pm, Monday to Friday
– Thao Dien, 27 Nguyen Ba Lan, Thao Dien, District 2, Thao Dien/9am to 5pm, Saturday and Sunday
Prices: Upon contact

Elite Dental Group


Elite Dental combines an international standard of quality dentistry with warm local hospitality, ensuring every person who walks through the door feels reassured and relaxed, be it expat, local or tourist.

Elite’s expert team of dental practitioners were trained in many different countries such as America, France, Italy, Japan and Singapore, while maintaining a can-do ingenuity that is refreshingly local. They are fluent in English, French and Vietnamese.

The practice offers a full range of services, including implants, esthetic restoration, orthodontics and general oral care. Elite Dental can confidently accommodate any and all dental needs in Ho Chi Minh City.

Location/Hours: Elite Dental Group, 51A Tu Xuong, Ward 7, District 3/ 8am to 7.30pm, Monday to Saturday.

Prices: Upon consultation

Starlight Dental Clinic

Starlight Dental Clinic
Starlight Dental Clinic

Established over 20 years ago, Starlight Dental Clinic is a five-star long-trusted dentist in Ho Chi Minh City. The team consists of practioners from countries like France, Germany, and Australia. They commit to provide the highest level of quality dentistry, using the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Not only that, Starlight Dental Clinic pride themselves on creating a friendly, warm and welcoming atmosphere in both their city center and An Phu location. Starlight can provide both general dental services as well as specialty cosmetic dentistry, implant surgery and quality dental tourism, making it your one-stop dental clinic in Ho Chi Minh City.

– City Center, 2 Bis Cong Truong Quoc Te, Ward 6, District 3/8am to 7.30pm, Monday to Saturday
– An Phu, 24 Thao Dien Ward, District 2/8am to 7.30pm, Monday to Saturday
Prices: Upon contact

Sakura Dental Clinic


Sakura Dental Clinic in District 7 has been operating for over 20 years, with a sparkling reputation among the expat crowd. The clinic delivers state-of-the-art and personalized service to all of its customers. And it maintains its international standards of dental healthcare seamlessly.

The team is a mix of local and foreign high-qualified dental practitioners who studied dentistry in places like Japan and the USA. The clinic provides a range of services. They offer general dentistry to aesthetic and prosthetic dentistry. And they also have pediatric dentistry, orthodontics and implant surgery.

Location/Hours: Sakura Dental Clinic, 69 Le Van Thiem, Hung Phuoc 3, Phu My Hung, District 7/8am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday; 8am to noon, Sunday
Prices: Full list

More options abound

There are also many local establishments that will have an English-speaking practitioner. In other words, no need to worry when seeking a Saigon dental clinic. You only get one smile. Look after it!