Chickita Flame-Grilled Chicken – From Their Farm to Your Table

It’s no secret: Vietnamese people love chicken. How about experiencing an alternative to fried fast-food by getting fresh chicken on your plate instead?

Chickita opened its doors in July 2019 in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City. From the very first month, this fresh chicken concept restaurant was a clear success. How could it be otherwise? The owner took the time to study Vietnamese and Asian flavors during his trips to the Far East. Then, he found out there is a massive demand from people wanting to know what they are eating. Especially where their food comes from.

The farm where your fresh food comes from

Chickita dedicated farms

For the chickens

Traceability is not a mature market yet in Asia. No problem. Chickita solved this issue by making a definitive move: owning the farm. Yes, every chicken you eat at the restaurant comes from the farm it owns in Binh Phuoc province, 100km away from Ho Chi Minh City. Chickita organizes daily delivery to guarantee the freshness of its chicken.

And it works! The food connoisseurs, both locals and expats, are validating the concept. Few of them recognize they have already visited the restaurant several times in a couple of weeks. Controlling the food supply gave Chickita a competitive advantage. It does not depend on market trends or ever-changing suppliers. Above all, it ensures perfect quality for its meals. No frozen chicken here!

The only downside about the sauces is that they’re all so good, it’s difficult to choose. The solution: keep going to Chickita until you try them all!

For the sauces

Besides the in-house meat, Chickita also produces hand-made chili sauces. There are eight in total, from the “Sexy Chickita” (not too spicy) to the “Dynamite Chickita” signature (for the real adventurers). Again, they are all fresh products, made from natural chili. Chickita cooperates with farmers from An Giang and Tien Giang to guarantee the food-lovers will enjoy their journey.

The concept creator, Asif Mehrudeen, has been a chef for over 20 years. As he has been living in Vietnam for a decade, he knows how people value dressings. That’s why he crafted those signature sauces. You can try your food with or without sauce but the chef highly recommends them. 

Now that’s a meal! What will you order?

We came to taste chicken

Knowing that, the Inside Vietnam team “had” to go for the hardest assignment ever: trying the place. To be honest, few of us knew Chickita already…but how can you refuse such an appetizing occasion during your working hours?

We will not waste your time describing the meals. The explicit video and pictures are worth more than words. So, what you see here are our actual meals, period. Now, let’s talk about our impressions and recommendations.

It’s comfortable to eat here, whether you’re on a date or with family and friends.

Chickita’s interior design

Passing through the door brings you into a comfort zone. It’s a demonstration of Chickita’s vision: creating a lifestyle and environment to offer healthy food. The staff welcomes you with a professional attitude, and good English, if you’re a foreigner. 

We visited the District 2 branch. It counts two floors with an open kitchen, where you can see the cooks preparing your food. The décor is appealing and comfortable, as promised. In addition, there’s a kid’s corner, perfect for families. The philosophy of Chickita is written on the walls.  Our thoughts? The place deserves to be internationally recognized.

That’s one fresh salad!

How we appreciated the food

The main meal was Chickita’s whole flame-grilled chicken, and it did not disappoint. From the moment you grab a leg, feeling the meat gently falling off the bone, you know you are going to have amazing food. There is no smell, it’s all about the taste. Hence, we have to admit we found the forks and knives a bit superfluous. Chickita connected us back with our ancestors, the Mighty Cavemen. Yes, it means we ate with our fingers. And we are not even ashamed. The meat not sticking to the bones was so good!

Our table was full of plates, Vietnamese-style, with no real order to pick into them. It’s always a pleasure to see so many different dishes around you. Besides the flame-grilled chicken, we had a Chickita mixed salad to share along with various sides. Chicken rice, just-like-we-love-them sweet potato fries, and farmed corn with garlic butter made our day.

Might these be the best tacos in Saigon?

What we loved the most

Now, we feel forced to give special mention to our favorites. The tacos — we got the BBQ prawn ones — are an absolute must-try! The menu describes them as “sexy.” We strongly agree. They taste delicious and justify coming back for more.

Another dish you can go for blindfolded is the signature hot crab dip. It comes with cream cheese and toasted pita. The recipe is terrific! Guess who had to fight within the team to get most of it? This meal falls under the group of “naughty things” on the menu. We found out why.

And, of course, the chicken itself became one for our lives. It’s not the best-seller of the restaurant for nothing. If you like chicken, we bet Chickita will become your everyday canteen pretty soon.

Skewers: as an appetizer or light meal, they’re delicious.

Shall we come back?

Yes, and there are many opportunities to do so because Chickita is opening new restaurants in Saigon. After the branches on Nguyen Van Huong, District 2, and on Ho Tung Mau, District 1, the tasty flame-grilled chicken will be available at another location very soon. Stay tuned! By the way, they also deliver via

Please, comment below to convince our employer that a second review of Chickita is needed! After all, you want more pictures and videos, right?

Chickita Facebook
Chickita Website
Address: 230 Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City
Address 2: 94 Ho Tung Mau, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: 0902595991
Open hours: from 11am to 10pm
Price: from 45,000 to 430,000 VND