ComXiu: Creative Cantonese Food by Michelin Chef DoBee Lam

Nowadays, food lovers do not associate Hong Kong cuisine with chicken rice anymore. Mr. DoBee Lam opened ComXiu to remind us about this.

Let’s be honest: many Hong Kong dishes fall victim to the same homogeny that occurs in other countries and taste the same. Cooks usually go for industrial or semi-finished ingredients in large quantities and prepare them for the masses. Of course, it doesn’t mean Hong Kong cuisine only uses poor-quality ingredients to cook them in a standardized process. The restaurant ComXiu is a perfect example of healthy and mouth-watering food from Hong Kong. Ready for a quick visit?

Taste Hong Kong in Vietnam

Located at 106A Le Thi Rieng, District 1, Saigon, ComXiu describes itself as a “Modern HongKong Kitchen”. It’s definitely what you feel when you first walk through the door. The open window space allows clients to see the cooks preparing the dishes. Beautiful Chinese paintings welcome you on every floor of the restaurant. Neat and clean, the place promises you will have a culinary treat!

Open space kitchen at ComXiu

Inside ComXiu restaurant

Good recipes come from good ingredients

What makes ComXiu different from other Cantonese restaurants?

Mr. DoBee Lam expresses it loud and clear: natural quality ingredients. ComXiu buys fresh food directly from the local market. The restaurant proudly cooks its savory Hong Kong dishes from organic and simple Vietnamese ingredients.

Tasty dishes at ComXiu made by Vietnamese organic ingredients

As the Michelin Chef says: “Local food base is strong, sometimes a bit too much”. So, he must adjust ingredients to reach the real flavor of Hong Kong dishes. Here come precise cooking skills that we will detail below. At ComXiu, the essential point is: ingredients are everything. From then, it’s just a question of adapting them.

ComXiu adds a touch of creativeness

Home-made cuisine takes time. ComXiu opted for long-cook ingredients: 12 hours to guarantee less fat. However, the food does not come out dry. Just take the extremely popular Hong Kong char siu: the meat is juicy, tender, and sweet. No need for oil. ComXiu replaced that with “creativeness”.

Delicious char siu dish at Com Xiu

According to Mr. DoBee Lam, who studied at the C.I.A. (Culinary Institute of America), food is a science. Cooks must continuously propose new flavors. Subsequently, ComXiu keeps innovating by trying new ingredients and new ways to implement them. This way, the restaurant stays ahead of the competition. As the Michelin Chef says: “You can steal ideas, you cannot steal creativeness”.

The people behind ComXiu

Michelin Chef DoBee Lam

The businessman is the consultant who created and set-up no less than five brands and ten outlets in Hong Kong, China, Macau, and Vietnam, including the biggest nightclub in Danang. Mr. DoBee Lam came to Vietnam in 2017 and started his adventure with market research by visiting the main cities.

Mr. Michelin - DoBee Lam and ComXiu's staffs

He could have established businesses in other countries, such as in the U.S. or Taiwan, but he chose Vietnam for several reasons. First, the market is expanding fast. Then, he fell in love with the local ingredients, which are the base of his cuisine. Those possibilities fulfill his passion. Last but not least -we are looking at you, Vietnamese readers!

His wife is Vietnamese, and he can speak Vietnamese himself. Don’t forget to speak the local language if you have the chance to meet Mr. DoBee at ComXiu!

All in all, the Chef found the Vietnamese food kind of boring in big cities such as Saigon. This is because most businesses just deliver industrialized meals. But when you go to the countryside, the flavors are amazing. Mr. DoBee Lam wants to pay homage to real Vietnamese ingredients.

ComXiu Staff

The employees working at ComXiu demonstrate a commitment to their craft. Mr. DoBee Lam teaches them by himself, to ensure the quality of the meals and service. Passion, willingness to learn, and hard-work are the main requirements to join ComXiu’s team.

The Chef treats his staff as his own family. He invests efforts to keep them happy. And if the training itself is somewhat hard, there is no price on being creative and being able to cook unique dishes like a Michelin Chef.

Many people come to ComXiu everyday

The staff at ComXiu serves dozens of clients every day, mostly locals willing to try good Asian food, while around one-third of their customers are foreigners. The restaurant aims at opening their eyes by promoting diversity and a rich culture, so people understand Hong Kong is much more than just eating and shopping!

Cooking recommendations by Mr. DoBee Lam

We asked him to share his valuable cooking experience with us. In fact, the secret of his cuisine, the tip that makes his dishes so tasty, is mix dressing. The Chef will never emphasize enough about trying multiple mix dressing combinations.

In Vietnam, there are various fruits, spices, and other ingredients that are good, healthy, and cheap. It’s easy to prepare appetizers, sauces, and main dish dressings. People should take the chance to innovate and test new recipes. This is why Mr. Dobee Lam launched ComXiu in Saigon, which has been successful so far with its broad range of barbecue, vegetarian, spicy food, or even home-made drinks.

Hong Kong milk tea at ComXiu

Take a look at our featured images. Then feel free to visit ComXiu and share your impressions in the comments below. See you there!