Our Coronavirus Movies List: What to Watch While Avoiding COVID-19

We’ve got horror, comedy, drama, action and pretty much anything you can think of when it comes to Hollywood-style entertainment. But we’re sure you’ve got your own list. So share it with us!

Streaming services have become popular in Vietnam, as we shared with you earlier this month, and we’re part of the trend. Consider this our coronavirus movies list.

None of these movies are actually about the virus. In fact, only one such movie has been made so far and it looks terrible. But these are not.

We all have different taste in movies so we want to know if you agree or disagree with our picks.

We also tried to choose stuff that’s relevant to either our location or the global pandemic situation. And in a couple of cases, recency was a factor.

Finally, a warning. Some of the YouTube clips are a bit provocative. Enjoy!

Scare the crap out of you

Our Pick: Quarantine

Is there anything more aptly titled than this for a coronavirus movies list?

As long as you enjoy frightening yourself, you’ll like this story about a group of people locked in an apartment building by the U.S. government as health officials try to contain a deadly virus.

By no means is this a great movie. It’s just too damn relevant to pass up.

We’ll also give a shout out to “Outbreak,” a good lesson about respecting nature, something the world is learning based on the theory that the coronavirus came from a bat in China. (Assuming you believe that premise, rather than the idea that it came from a lab in China. But we digress.)

Laugh so hard you’ll pee a little

Our Pick: It’s a Disaster

The perfect comedy for these times.

This indie pic tells the story of four couples getting together for their typical Sunday brunch, this time on a day some kind of attack, possibly biological, portends the end of the world.

The dark humor the characters generate as they learn unflattering facts about each other is hilarious. The comedy is sometimes subtle, so pay close attention for maximum enjoyment.

So sad the movie brought in only $60,000 USD at the box office, a huge disappointment considering the budget of $500,000 USD. The bigger loss, though, is the entertainment value you’ll miss if you don’t watch. The acting is priceless.

Raise your emotions

Our Pick: The Beach

There was a huge temptation to go with “Cast Away” because no one in modern times has done social distancing better than Chuck Noland. So why did we pick a movie that got mostly terrible reviews?

For one, a lot of movie critics are snobs and subsequently were overly critical of this film, likely because their biggest overseas adventures involve prepaid packages that are as vanilla as a Florida suburb.

And second, this picture is shot in Southeast Asia. Yes, “Kong: Skull Island” was filmed right here in Vietnam, but that’s not really a drama and it’s not very good either. (Wow, we sound like snobs too.)

Anyway, back to the pic. How can we not love a traveler looking for a unique voyage that takes him to a secret beach in Thailand? The movie helped make Maya Bay so popular, the lovely cove has since been closed by the Thai government to allow the coral reefs to heal.

So watch this drama and wonder if it’s possible for such a special shoreline to exist in this day and age of the Internet, when nothing is a secret.

Watch them blow sh*t up

Our Pick: Bad Boys for Life

This is the third installment of the Miami narcotics cops who seem to break as many laws as the criminals they pursue, all in the name of justice. The first one was released in 1995 and was so successful that it spawned a sequel eight years later.

So why wait until 2020 to complete the trilogy? Probably because, as a good friend and I discussed recently, Hollywood largely lacks creativity and originality.

After all, franchises like Fast and Furious make more money than most innovative productions. And Bad Boys seems poised to follow suit.

By that logic, we should probably pick another movie. But there’s something special about watching Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett embody the absurdity spirit of American culture: freedom, capitalism and gratuitous violence.

There are also some good laughs as Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have a great chemistry on screen. Even better, Reggie is back!

Pull on your heartstrings

Our Pick: Rust and Bone

This is not your typical Hollywood love story. Don’t expect the protagonists to randomly meet, attempt to resist their obvious attraction for each other, finally give in to their hormones, fall in love, watch their relationship nearly disintegrate, and then end up happily ever after because they realize what they were fighting about was actually pretty stupid.

“Rust and Bone” is a raw, deep and daring account of a French orca trainer who suffers a horrible accident and turns to an unfamiliar acquaintance for support.

Love in the Time of Cholera” was almost our pick, because of the illness connection. In the end, though, it just doesn’t measure up to the brilliant Marion Cotillard, whose talent for the thespian craft is unparalleled, especially in this film.

So move over Meryl. Marion shows what Shakespeare was always sure about: love can be born, nurtured and strengthened in times of tragedy.

Keeping it real

Our Pick: Prediction by the Numbers

By now you’ve probably heard and read about a lot of beliefs and predictions regarding the coronavirus, hence us hinting earlier about recent debates on whether the bug came from a bat or a lab. Conspiracy theories aside, there are a lot of unanswered questions regarding the numbers we’ve been given.

Example: China has seemingly not been honest with the world about its data and new numbers show that more people were sick than the government there originally reported. Now, does that mean you look at the data in America and assume China must have at least 5 million cases because the country has a population six times bigger than the U.S.? No.

That’s why this documentary is so important at this time. It’s a great way to understand some of the fundamentals behind analytics and big data modeling.

Long story short: We should learn to think in terms of probabilities rather than certainties, and how Bayesian statistical methods can better help us interpret what we’re analyzing. Then everyone can make the best decisions possible about how to move forward with a response to this virus, and more.

Binge on a series

Our Pick: Narcos Mexico (Season 2)

Nowadays a lot of great actors are doing TV, because some of these series are very riveting. So we felt we would be remiss if we didn’t add this category to our coronavirus movies list.

We wish we could go with “Fargo (Season 4)” but it has yet to be released, despite Season 3 ending more than three years ago.

That brings us to Felix Gallardo and his “Federación.” Because this is the fifth overall season in the Narcos franchise — the first three were in Colombia — we hope you’ve been watching from the beginning. Otherwise, it won’t make as much sense.

You have been watching, haven’t you? How could you not?

The insatiable appetite for illicit drugs in America and Europe is a story that will forever be told in different formats, from history books to Hollywood theatrics.

The best part about this version of events is that it largely stays true to what really happened. After all, you don’t need to manufacture much drama when the topic is already so rich.

Coronavirus movies recap

Yes, a lot of the lockdown restrictions have been lifted. But if you’re like some of us, you prefer to stay in and stay safe.

In that case, the suggestions above are a great start. And we hope you have some ideas too. What are you watching right now?