Dining with Children in Ho Chi Minh City

Choosing the right restaurant is so important when you go out with your kids. Our seven suggestions will help you make that decision. The rest, including making memories, is up to you.

Saigon has a large selection of family friendly cafes and restaurants that cater to adults just as much as little children. No matter the environment, if you’re raising kids here, sometimes the unimaginable tantrum can occur. Kids need entertainment to ensure a pleasant dining experience. That’s why we created this list. You might notice a trend: all spots are in District 2 or 7. That’s normal. Those districts are home to some of Saigon’s most family-friendly neighborhoods. So here you go, our top spots for dining with children in Ho Chi Minh City.

District 2

MAD House

6/1/2 Nguyen U Di, Thao Dien
Phone: 0835194009

dining with children in Ho Chi Minh City
Photo courtesy of MAD House

MAD House is nestled in a villa in Saigon that has been converted into a fusion restaurant. The chef offers an extensive menu of both Vietnamese and Western cuisine with large portions. Hamburgers, coffee and cocktails cater to the adults while a kid’s menu and playroom is available to let the little ones run free to play.

Great place, tasty food, and caring service with a nice cozy atmosphere, this restaurant plays a favorite. The staff is attentive and keep an eye on the children’s safety as they play.

A little expensive compared to street food but worth it if you need dinner with your kids while in another room.

Mekong Merchant

23 Thao Dien St, Thao Dien
Phone: 0837447000

A popular expat restaurant for families is the Mekong Merchant. Situated in Thao Dien, you will always find this huge establishment energetic. It mostly consists of outdoor seating with a small play area for kids but also includes an indoor area away from the weather. The main attraction of the playroom is a huge screen TV streaming children’s favorite movies.

The restaurant has a fairly extensive western menu with good quality food. It can be pricey compared to other restaurants. The Mekong Merchant offers great value for the money spent. Above all the staff is very well trained and do their job efficiently.

Parking is tricky, so best to park nearby or take a Grab taxi.

Snap Cafe

32 Tran Ngoc Dien St, Thao Dien
Phone: 08351 4532

Snap Cafe
Photo courtesy of Snap Cafe

Also popular with the expat community, Snap Cafe is a great experience for the whole family. Delicious food, prompt service and an awesome play area for children of all ages.

The restaurant offers a large kid’s menu, friendly staff, and an outdoor playground that includes slides, climbing frames and a little dollhouse. The sand can get messy but a sink is available to wash off in. Take a spare set of clothes, mosquito repellent, sunscreen and hats to help keep your little one comfortable for the environment.

For the parents, there is live music and a stocked bar. The menu consists of options such as salads, burgers, pizzas, Mexican and Vietnamese food. The cafe has an adults-only section and a family-friendly area.

The prices are considerably affordable to very expensive for a family ticket. The food tastes great and the portions are filling. Snap Cafe is a must to experience alone or with kids. And if the place is full, its sister restaurant, Thai Street, is next door.

BAMA Kids Cafe

41 Duong 41 (Nam Anh Building, 4th floor), Thao Dien
Phone: 08 8846 2262

BAMA Kids Cafe is a spacious center located in Thao Dien. They have a near-complete kids’ play area, with a workbench, a wardrobe full of dress-up outfits, toy kitchen, dollhouse, activity tables, Lego table, train tracks, play tent and a soft play area for younger kids. Security and safety are a high priority at BAMA, with most hard surfaces or edges padded and helpful staff on hand.

Entry is 3.50 USD for an hour per child or 43.00 USD for 20 hours. Adults must order something from the menu, which offers breakfast dishes, pasta, soup, salad, and sandwiches, as well as coffee, tea, smoothies, juice, beer, and soda. From the lounges and cafe tables, parents can see the entire play area.

The best part is that your precious yet untamed toddler is always in sight so you get to enjoy some real downtime by chilling on one of the lounge chairs.

District 7

Bee Bee Premium Kids Cafe

96-98 Cao Trieu Phat, 4th floor
Phone: 02838734351

dining with children in Ho Chi Minh City Bee Bee Premium Kids Cafe toys and activities cater for a range of ages and interests. Books, dinosaurs, train tracks, dolls, baby pianos and ride-on toys, as well as bracelet-making and statue painting, which are included in the entrance fee.

The cafe area is on the lower of Bee Bee’s two floors, with a view of the baby activity area, play tables and the toy kitchen area. Parents can also monitor what’s going on at various play stations on both floors, including the trampoline room and sand play area.

The menu is family-friendly, with coffee, ice cream, salads, pasta, sandwiches, and even beer. The chicken nuggets are popular with the smaller kids, while adults crave the clam chowder and Korean teok-bokki (stir-fried rice cake).

Playtime is $3.50 USD an hour (under 12 months free), and adults must order something from the menu. There are 10-hour play coupons available for $24 USD and 20-hour coupons cost $43 USD.

Child Haven

101 Khu Pho My Hao, Phu My Hung
Phone: 01662316000

Child Haven is a children’s cafe and daycare center in Saigon for kids ages 2-6 years old. The cafe is open daily and is perfect for children to play while their parents relax. Great staff and environment make this establishment a true family restaurant.

The cafe area occupies the ground floor of a converted villa just across the pond from Crescent Mall. The adult area has a view of the playground with a two-story playhouse. Outside on the covered patio, there is a small pool, sandpit, scooters and activity tables. And kids can use a trampoline and statue painting room too.

Playtime is 3.50 USD for 1 hour per child. They also have vouchers of 10 hours for $26 USD and 20 hours for $48 USD. The extensive food and drinks menu is quite affordable for a family on a budget.

Urban playground

Saigon may seem like a playground for young adults, but to be honest, it caters best to families.

Many cafes and restaurants make dining with children in Ho Chi Minh City easy, fun and affordable. The activities for families have brought more energy to the table to allow for experiences to share and create memories that will last a lifetime.