Ho Chi Minh Food Delivery During the Days of COVID-19

You don’t have to leave the house to eat. And a lot of people aren’t. If you’re wondering where to get delivery, we’ve got some suggestions.

Thanks to apps such as Now and Vietnammm, Ho Chi Minh food delivery has been popular for years now. But it seems there’s a bit of a surge in this regard because of the coronavirus.

Lots of people don’t want to go to restaurants. Or the supermarket. They just want to stay home.

It’s understandable. The virus has struck fear in millions of people around the globe. In big American cities like Los Angeles and New York, delivery is your only option if you want restaurant food. And for the most part, Saigon is no different as most eateries have shut their doors and are offering delivery only.

With that in mind, we scoured local Facebook groups to find out what people are eating while trying to avoid COVID-19. Naturally there is a lot of variety.

Some people are getting their groceries via Market Oi, where they really take the time to understand your preferences and meet your expectations, you’ll feel like your mom is doing the shopping for you.

Others are ordering everything from Taiwanese beef noodles to good ol’ pizzaAsked how much deliveries have increased since people started getting serious about the virus, Manuel Reale, owner of Pizza Reale, said, “20 percent.”

Ho Chi Minh food delivery

We hope other places are seeing the same kind of surge, to compensate for less walk-in traffic. That’s why we’re writing this. We care. And we want to help.

You can argue that bars and restaurants are the heart and soul of Saigon. Before the virus took hold, on any night of the week you could find people filling establishments, both the kind with cushy seating inside or the ones with plastic chairs outside.

We want that energy restored as soon as this corona hysteria passes. But for now, it’s Ho Chi Minh food delivery to the rescue.

So to all the F&B owners (and your supporters) out there: Join our community of support by commenting on our Facebook post. Don’t be shy. Shameless self promotion is not only allowed here, it is encouraged.

Some places we recommend…