Ho Tram Hotels: Lodging Options for a Quick Getaway

There are luxury resorts, there are budget accommodations, and there are a bunch of places in between. Take a look and see what works for you as you prepare to get back to traveling, post-coronavirus. Enjoy!

Put this on your future travel list. We want to be clear that we’re not telling you to get on a bus right now, just because of the lifting of many lockdown restrictions, no matter how great some of these Ho Tram hotels are. We only want to continue to help you create a destination catalog of great places to visit.

Looking back, we had no idea, then, how lucky we were to spend a few days out there.

That said, we’re gonna give you some tips so as soon as this coronavirus madness is completely over, according to your standards, you’ll know where to stay in this quiet beach town. We’re focusing on three categories: budget, midrange and luxury.

This, we hope, will cover everyone’s needs.

The Sanctuary

Ho Tram hotels
Like many other gated communities and resorts, The Sanctuary is set up so guests don’t have to leave during their vacations.

Everything is available here. Private beach. Tennis courts. Sea Breeze restaurant with fancy fusion options. And huge villas with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a comfortable living room, large kitchen and dining room area, and a pool.

This option is probably best for families. There’s so much room for the kids to run around until they’re ready to sleep and we’ve already told you how comfortable the villas are so they’ll have no problem getting a good rest.

It’s definitely not meant for party boys. In fact, they frown upon that behavior here.

The idea is to give people tranquility, the same way the town does. It’s just more private here. So if you’ve got about 30,000,000 VND lying around, you can have a luxurious night at The Sanctuary.

Vietsovpetro Resort

Ho Tram hotels
This is a nice midrange option, especially if The Sanctuary is out of your price range.

For about 2,500,000 VND a night, you can get a suite with an ocean view. It’s quite the room, bigger than a lot of studio apartments in Saigon, and it has a big bath if you prefer to pamper yourself a bit, instead of using the shower.

You also have a handful of huge pools adorned with palm trees and thatched tiki huts, to give you some shade. Behind the pool is the on-site restaurant, which serves a mix of western and Vietnamese favorites.

Saigon businesses might like it too. There are four conference rooms and a meeting room, perfect for company trips and retreats. Imagine how nice it would be to take a break from the city, all of it paid for by your employer. Would anyone complain about that? We wouldn’t.

Our only wish was that the layout of the resort placed the rooms closer to the pool, which in turn would have meant a better view of the ocean. But that’s nitpicking.

Hostel T and T

Ho Tram hotels
The budget traveler has options throughout Ho Tram as well.

Sure, the development trend here is taking the town toward luxury lodging, but Hostel T and T takes care of anyone who prefers to spend their money on food, entertainment and things you wanna do.

Of course, don’t expect anything trendy. When we talk about a budget option, we really mean it. One night will run you only 300,000 VND.

The rooms are quaint and comfy, if not spotless and luxurious like the first two options we mentioned. But the location is almost impossible to beat. It’s just a short walk from the town center, where you’ll find a lot of restaurants, especially the popular seafood market.

And with so many dining establishments and the beach nearby, who needs a restaurant or pool at the hostel, right? Just remember: better to swim in the morning, when the current isn’t as strong.

The Goldilocks principle

Like our planet, which is not too close nor too far from the sun, we’d recommend you go with a midrange option among all the Ho Tram hotels.

It’s the best value, just based on simple math. Think about it. The cost of a midrange spot is much closer in price to a budget hotel/hostel than a luxury resort. But it is also more similar to the comfort and cleanliness of a posh accommodation than a cheap lodging outfit.

That means a midrange option will cost you about seven or eight times the price of a budget spot, while you get at least 50 times the value (and that last figure is largely conservative, depending on what you like).

In the end, though, we suppose it doesn’t matter what you decide when picking one of the handful of Ho Tram hotels. The air is clean, you’re by the beach, and it’s so peaceful. Hard to put a price on that.