Ice Cream in Saigon: The Real Deal

Do you want to try different kinds of ice cream in Saigon and do not know where to buy them? We have a list of the best ice cream shops for you!

Vietnamese food culture is a union of international cuisines and world-class sweets, with parlors bustling with unusual colors, flavors and textures. Because Vietnam has an incredible French-influenced café culture, there is nothing like enjoying a cold treat while watching the world zoom by. And there is no better way to cool down than a scoop of ice cream on a tropical day in Saigon.

Vietnam houses distinct Asian ice cream brands along with traditional European artisanal brands. Vietnam itself does not have a storied tradition linked to kem, but the little street shops sell the cold treat for as little as 5,000 VND a cone.

Honorable mention goes to bingsu. Bingsu translates from Korean as ice flakes. This is what they are – milky flavored ice shaved down and topped with fruit, sauce and sweet and savory toppings. The classic includes red beans (pat), condensed milk and nut powders, but you can now get flavors such as mango cheesecake, matcha green tea and chocolate. The servings are massive and range between 40,000 and 100,000 VND.

With the influx of international brands in Vietnam and the well-known sweet tooth of Vietnamese people, it was logical for this market to grow. Haagen-Dazs and Baskin Robbins have several flagship stores all over Saigon, along with massive Korean chains.



Tasty ice cream at Fanny

Fanny is one of the first artisanal franchises melting both Vietnamese and French flavors. Many of the traditional ingredients are imported from France while mingling with local Vietnamese fruits and popular flavor combinations (Vietnamese coffee ice cream, anyone?)

Fanny has been operational since the 1990s and is legendary for its premium ice cream and a wide range of ice cream flavors and styles.

They also hold monthly Ice Cream Buffets, where, after purchasing a ticket, you can sample over 40 different flavors.

Cost: Cones start at 50,000 VND, half liter boxes at 250,000 VND and ice cream cakes at 490,000 VND.

Locations: There are multiple locations scattered throughout Saigon and they offer a delivery service through the popular Vietnamese meal-order app Vietnammm.


Danish ice cream at Ostenberg

Osterberg is locally crafted with a Danish recipe. It was created by Cathrine Osterberg in Thao Dien, who in fact completed a master’s degree in Gastronomy and Health science, with her research focused on ice cream. She definitely brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

The chain originated in Denmark and branched out to Vietnam in 2016. They currently have a flagship store located in Thao Dien, District 2, and provide delivery and catering services. They offer distinctive Danish flavors, such as licorice and elderflower, along with tropical fruit flavors and the more traditional European fare. Surprisingly enough, this is one of the few creameries that offers coffee with ice cream and you truly haven’t lived life to the fullest until you try dark Vietnamese coffee with a rich and creamy cool scoop.

Cost: Drinks/cones start at 45,000 VND, to-go boxes with several flavors start at 210,000 VND.

Locations: 94 Xuan Thuy, Thao Dien, District 2. They offer delivery to certain districts of the city.


Creative menu of ice cream at Swensens

Now Swensen’s is something else. Many restaurants offer dessert, but Swensen’s takes that idea to a whole new level. Waffles piled high with sweet and savory toppings, mega sundaes that look more like multicolored buckets of creamy goodness, parfaits layered with nuts and syrups, and piled high with ice cream and whipped toppings…the list goes on.

Swensen’s huge menu takes all the ideas about American culinary indulgence, throws them in a bowl, and pours a gallon of hot fudge all over them in style. The chain also offers their take on kem, bingsu and rice pudding (with ice cream and fruit, naturally). So come hungry and be prepared to take pictures of the glorious indulgences in front of you.

Cost: Cone starts at 9,000 VND, sundaes at 45,000 VND, cakes at 690,000 VND.

Locations: You can visit many ice cream shops in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Check Swensen’s website.


Ice cream at Snowee is made from natural ingredients

Also known as Snowee Gelato, this pink-hued café offers ice cream as well as tea and patisserie. Snowee prides itself for using all-natural ingredients. It also offers Italian coffee and a cute environment to meet with friends or take a date.

Cost: Frozen treats start at 50,000 VND.

Locations: Vincom and Aeon Malls, Flagship store: 39 Nguyen Hue, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1.

Baskin Robbins 

Baskin Robbins is well-known brand in Saigon

Baskin Robbins is a world-famous name for a reason. For many people across the globe, it evokes the memories of a special after-school treat or a birthday party. Recently having extended its chains to Saigon, Baskin Robbins does not disappoint in its offerings.

Cost: Cones start at 50,000 VND, cakes start at 200,000 VND.

Locations: The chain can be found in most expat-heavy districts and large malls such as Vincom.

The Coconut

Delicious coconut ice cream at The Coconut

The Vietnamese coconut is such an under-appreciated fruit. Sweet, light and refreshing, while dense and rich, it provides an excellent drink base for curry or rich and creamy dessert. And The Coconut takes full advantage of this. You won’t miss the heavy cream with flavors such as mango or avocado blended into a rich coconutty base and served with roasted coconut flakes sprinkled on top.

Cost: One of the cheaper cafes on this list, with most fares clocking around 30,000 VND.

Locations: 131 Van Kiep, Binh Thanh District.

Vietnam’s ice cream brands are there for all your needed caloric treats.
Whether you are looking to cool off from the sweltering heat of mid-day concrete streets, treat yourself for a job well-done or cater a birthday party, the myriad of flavors and products serve your every need.