Yes. Pizza 4P’s Really is Worth the Hype

Arguably the best pizza in the city. The oddly named Pizza 4P’s is a prime example of innovation in Saigon. Dishing up some of the finest in the business, check them out for a quality gourmet pizza experience.

Technically, this is not an Italian restaurant… in fact, the founding father is Japanese. Pizza 4P’s offers diners a wide range of gourmet flavors to choose from. Featuring not only Italian classics, the business cleverly incorporates uniquely Japanese flavors. The 4P’s mission is simple: “Delivering Wow, Sharing Happiness.” If you ever read this, Mr Masuko; we just want you to know… You nailed it.

First impressions of Pizza 4P’s

Street in downtown Saigon, Vietnam

Most of their seven locations in the city, with two latest ones at District 1 and District 2, are hidden away down side streets. Keep an eye out for signs, as it can be difficult to spot from the main road. However, the reward is worth it as you’ll be tucked away from the noise of the street. The last time we went we hit up the branch nearest the Ben Thanh market which sits on Thu Khoa Huan, opposite the corner jewelry shop.

Led up the stairs by the wait staff we were quickly impressed by the tastefully decorated interior of the building. An interesting aspect of Pizza 4P’s restaurants, is that every location has been conceived with different concepts. In Le Thanh Ton, architect Joe Chikamori delivers a design with lots of bare brick walls, soft lighting, and doughy aromas.

Assortment of liquor bottles organized on a brick wall

Then you are taken to your table on the first floor you walk past the open kitchen, which takes center stage for the whole space. The chefs are incidentally hypnotic with their kneading, rolling and assembling of the gourmet, wood-fired delicacies. Truly mouthwatering.

Cook rolling pizza dough in the kitchen

The pizza

A thin based, wood-fired, flawless masterpiece.

The menu has all the usual suspects; margherita, parma-ham and a solid variation of the pepperoni. The items that pique our interests; and probably for many a diner; are the offerings which give merit to the distinctly Japanese tastes. Flavors like Japanese Ginger Pork, Salmon Miso Cream, and Salmon Sashimi catch our attention, and the salivation begins… Half’n’half available and a wide variety of flavors, on our first visit we decided to go with the chicken teriyaki; a conservative choice, but noted as one of the “chef specials” we felt we couldn’t go wrong.

Gourmet pizza with parma cheese freshly taken out of the oven

We also ordered a salad. Because balance. But also to make us feel better about the carb coma to follow.

On follow up visits, we ordered the salmon sashimi, house-made original cheese, the burrata ham Margherita and honestly, all of them sensational. We like that the cheese pizza came with a small jug of honey to drizzle over. The crust is thin and chewy, affirming the freshness of the dough. The meats are flavored well and distributed both evenly and in generous proportions across the base. The cheese is perfectly melted and hugs the toppings perfectly into place. Every mouthful is enjoyable.

Gourmet pizza with serrano ham, basil, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese

But the cheese

If you’re looking to make a real event of your visit, we highly recommend the cheese platter to start. This is a selection of all the 4P’s cheeses served alongside a variety of breads and condiments. The platter alone is a fantastic introduction to the care and quality behind the 4P’s brand, and at the end of the day, it’s delicious.

Cook assembling a pizza in the kitchen counter

Let’s also not forget about the fondue

Before this experience, the only thing we’d ever fondue’d was chocolate. We could never have anticipated such a pleasant experience applying these same principals to cheese. We ordered a large and when it arrived, were a little suspicious at the size. But don’t be fooled; the pots are deep, and the cheese goes a long way. This golden pot of glory comes with a selection of veggies and breads for dipping. We shamelessly smothered the carrot sticks, the broccoli, and honestly, we did not even consider to so much as bite our bread before complete cheesy indulgence.

… and the service

The first time we went, our salad arrived a little before the pizza, and we decided to wait so we could eat the two dishes together. Noticing the untouched salad, our waitress cautiously approached and asked if there was anything wrong. We assured her we were merely waiting on our pizza. Overall, despite visiting in a sweaty, messy, mildly offensive post-gym state; we were well looked after and felt just as valued as the done up diners around us. Each time we’ve returned, the service has been at a consistently high level with wait staff attentive, polite and organized.

Who to take?

Wood table, set with cushined chairs with brick wall background

In this case; anyone that likes food. But of course, anyone in search of the best pizza (or cheese platter!) in Saigon. We noticed that mostly groups of either friends or families that fill the tables.

Since opening their first location at District 1 in 2011, Pizza 4P’s have flourished. With locations across District 1 and in District 7, table bookings are recommended, so you don’t miss out.