Quy Nhon: Three Luxury Resorts with Everything You Need

They are both modern and traditional, with amenities ranging from relaxing spas to fancy restaurants. One place even has its own zoo! So as we begin to return to normal from coronavirus mania, consider this lovely town for your first trip.

Quy Nhon is one of the new prosperous coastal cities in Vietnam, about five hours south of Danang, and it is attracting more and more tourists. Not far behind Nha Trang and Phu Quoc, its terrific beach-blessed shoreline makes it kind of a new and ideal place for tourists to spend their days unwinding and spoiling themselves at high-class resort services.

We are here to make sure you get your money’s worth. So follow us to discover three high-class resorts, which please even the most discerning guests!

Anantara Villas — Your ideal summer retreat villas

Quy Nhon

Temperate countries have an extremely warm culture. They always dedicate a type of lodging called a “retreat house” for families who want to spend a summer by the sea. It’s full of amenities to help you relax, and it’s quite comfortable too. Anantara is such a place. The resort consists of 26 villas, one to two  bedrooms each, strategically located in harmony with the hills and the sea

Anantara is first and foremost a peaceful setting in nature. The villas boast stone walls, wooden doors, tile roofs or thatched roofs, a pleasing combination of aesthetics.

The villas here have a separate infinity pool. You can start your day with a refreshing swim, and end it in the hot tub with a glass of fine wine. And, of course, you can both do your favorite activities while looking out over the bay, listening to the soothing waves.

Anantara services focus on body and mind care. You can do yoga on the porch, get rid of toxins with the sauna, enjoy spa treatments in the villa or experience the healing watsu in the pool. All life’s troubles will fade away. Only the sea breeze, the sound of the ocean and relaxed souls remain.

In addition, the resort provides a butler, helping you prepare and serve meals with class.

Avani Resort & Spa — Quy Nhon seaside luxury resort

Quy Nhon
Avani Resort features traditional Vietnamese village architecture and ancient Champa. The architects designed the resort with gentle colors, mixed with rustic materials: bamboo, thatched roof, wooden rafters. The main location is right next to the water. It takes you only 2 minutes to walk to the beach.

The people in Quy Nhon know it as a place with beautiful views, from dusk til dawn. Avani’s 63 rooms have a variety of views, from the garden view to the pool to the ocean. Or you can choose connecting rooms, creating a friendly and comfortable for large families. There are free yoga and tai chi classes too. You can now practice while you breathe in the salty sea breeze.

The Bamboo restaurant on the cliff is also a highlight here. An extensive selection of Eurasian and grilled dishes will satisfy the taste of any guest.

One tip: Avani is 16km away from the Quy Nhon city center and no shuttle is available. Hence, proactively plan and book in case there is a need for travel!

FLC Quy Nhon Beach — Mingle-your-soul-with-a-sea-breeze vacation

Quy Nhon
FLC Quy Nhon is one of the town’s leading luxury resorts. It sits right next to the famous Eo Gio landmark, a beautiful natural wonder surrounding the bay with high rocky mountains.

FLC Quy Nhon is a rhythmic mix of contemporary and traditional. The white ceiling array intertwined with the brown wooden furniture array brings a warm, extremely relaxing feeling. With two to four bedroom villas, this resort is a perfect choice for both romantic couples and family gatherings.

The airy space brushed with a nice sea breeze will beckon you to try the outdoor pool, golf course, tennis court and health spa. The resort has two restaurants, Mistral Top View Restaurant and the Salsa The Beach Club. Delectable dishes with South American and Mediterranean flavor will stimulate the taste of diners. Or you can choose the Eurasian menu with familiar and delicious flavors.

An amenity visitors cannot ignore is the FLC Zoo Safari Park Quy Nhon. Here you will have the opportunity to see nearly 1,000 animals such as the Indochinese tiger, black wwan, Tadorna yellow duck in a semi-natural environment. Strolling into the rainforest with countless flowers, butterflies and wildlife will promise to awaken a new inspiration in you.

Ready for Quy Nhon?

All three resorts are highly recommended.

If you suddenly remember you have not been breathing in the taste of sea salt, try this coastal city. Experience Quy Nhon luxury resorts immediately with harmonious natural space, to give your busy life some much-needed balance!