Saigon Hospitals for Expats (with Emergency Rooms)

We sincerely hope that you will never need to see the inner walls of a Saigon hospital whilst living here. But if you do fall poorly suddenly and need medical attention then there are some excellent expat-friendly hospitals with emergency rooms available.

Let’s “insure” you’re okay!

Firstly, if you are living in Ho Chi Minh City for any length of time then it is vital to consider your options for health insurance. All Saigon hospitals check that before any admission.

Whether you:

  • are able to use your policy from back home
  • decide to buy a long-term plan whilst out here
  • are lucky enough to have insurance provided by your employer

You should make sure you are covered.

Having health insurance not only gives you peace of mind but also can prove vital in the treatment of any long-term health issues.

The Hospitals

Saigon hospitals: Doctor holding expats patient's hand
In fact, there are dozens of private and public hospitals over Saigon. Then, if you have correct health insurance to cover expenses, we would always recommend using private hospitals. For high quality of service, consider consistency and ease of administrative factors such as direct billing. Basically, find below our top 3 private hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City – all with emergency facilities.

Family Medical Practice

Family Medical Practice is a well-established national private healthcare provider in Vietnam.

It has two clinics in Saigon as well as in one in Danang and one in Hanoi. It serves both the expatriate and local community with a variety of medical services such as:

  • dermatology
  • pediatrics
  • cardiology


You can call or email to secure an appointment at Diamond Plaza location. +84 28 3822 7848 &

Besides, check out Thao Dien Street location: +84 28 3744 2000 &


Although neither of the Saigon clinics has a specific emergency room, Family Medical Practice provides a unique 24/7 emergency ambulance response unit.

The fleet of ambulances and paramedics are on call all the time to either treat patients on the spot in the vehicle or transfer them to receive further care.

Columbia Asia

Available for a range of outpatient treatments and minor accidents and emergencies, Columbia Asia services District 1.

Columbia Asia has hospitals in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and India. A range of local and expatriate medical staff work there.

The Saigon clinic has a smaller range of services than Family Medical Practice or FV Hospital but still provides excellent quality healthcare, particularly in emergencies.


The best way to see a doctor at Columbia Asia is to fill out the online form.


The emergency room is not open 24/7. As a result, if you fall ill outside of their operating hours, you should consider contacting another facility with 24/7 emergency care.
Columbia Asia offers an ambulance and escort service so you can be transported to the emergency room if needed.

Raffles Medical

With hospitals in China, Japan, Cambodia and Vietnam, Raffles Medical is a well-established international healthcare provider.

Their Ho Chi Minh City clinic has been open for 20 years. It offers a range of services including vaccinations, diagnostics and outpatient care.


You can either book in person, call (+84 28 3824 0777), or email


The hospital is open 24/7, both for emergencies and inpatient care. Their emergency room is on-site, with excellent treatment facilities.

Franco-Vietnamese (FV) hospital

This is one of the most widely-used Saigon hospitals by expats with a range of services including:

  • general practice
  • physiotherapy
  • plastic surgery
  • pediatrics

A group of French doctors opened FV Hospital in 2003. Today, it has a workforce of both Vietnamese and expatriate doctors and nurses. So communication here is not an issue.

It is quite more expensive than the others, so make sure you get a full quote before signing on any treatment.


This can be done either over the phone (+84 28 5411 3333), through email ( or via their website.


The Emergency Room is on the ground floor of the building and operates 24/7. As a result, no patient will ever wait more than 1 hour to go in Accident and Emergency.

Finally, these four hospitals provide excellent facilities and service in Saigon. Just take care out there!