Saigon Nightlife Guide

Saigon is Vietnam’s biggest city, and most popular nightlife hub. You can find almost anything you want here. Bars, clubs, events, parks…this city has it all.

Ho Chi Minh City is the economic center of Vietnam. Tourists, expats and locals all love the endless street food options and vibrant Saigon nightlife. The city has lively art, music, LGBTQ and festival scenes — which means something happening almost every night of the week.

Hip spaces

Saigon nightlife


This cute place houses a pool, rooftop space and live music venue all in one. It’s a haven for artists, performers and DJs. They have weekly free yoga and meditation classes, rooftop parties and all-night raves.

Indika, House of Curiosities

A chill pub with craft beer and live music in the heart of the city, Indika is known as an event hub. They sell tickets to all the hottest events and give platforms to musicians and performers. And it just happens to be a cute space to have after-work drinks and snacks.

Rogue Saigon

Rogue is an excellent place for beer lovers, providing offerings from Saigon’s burgeoning craft beer scene. They also have live music, happy hours and free food events for the broke backpacker in your life.

The Lighthouse

After the party, there is the after-party at The Lighthouse. This cozy space in the heart of District 1 stays open until 5am, offering electro jams and DJ’s from all over the world.

Chill Skybar

Who doesn’t want to party on top of a skyscraper, bathed in the glowing lights of a metropolis? Chill Skybar is a beautifully appointed rooftop bar. You can watch the sunset with a cocktail or stay up till the sunrise with bottle service and bumping beats. It’s a place to see and to be seen, for sure.

Hip areas

Saigon nightlife

Here are some areas where you can find most of the action.

Vinhomes Central Park

It’s the new jewel of Saigon nightlife. You’ve got the Vincom Center shopping mall, with so many great food and drink options. Or, you can just hang out in the big park. But it closes at 9:30pm and security will usher you out. But it’s all good, because…

Bui Vien

Bui Vien Walking Street is the famous backpacker street in District 1. It attracts tourists, backpackers, expats and locals who are looking to immerse themselves in the cheap and busy aspect of Asia. Nightlife is vibrant, and everything is available. Eat all the street food or pop over to one of the many pubs and bars lining the street to get gloriously drunk with fellow partiers.

District 1

D1 is the beating heart of this city. It is the business and nightlife core of Saigon, and it pulses with traffic and lights at all times of the day. You will find most nightclubs here, along with business offices, tourist attractions, and music venues. The aforementioned Bui Vien is part of this district but don’t forget to check out the downtown area too, including Nguyen Hue Walking Street.

Thao Dien/An Phu

Thao Dien in D2 is known as the expat bubble. Although not a huge party hub, it’s a great way to meet other expats. And once you make those connections, you are one text away from the rowdy villa parties of An Phu.

Happening Things

Saigon nightlife

Saigon Outcast

On an average day, Saigon Outcast is a cute restaurant and pub in the heart of Thao Dien. On every other day, it is a hub of activity for expats and locals alike. From tattoo conventions to craft beer festivals and outdoor movie nights, this venue has it all.

Vibe Nation Fest

Vibe Nation is a young music festival for adults. It is a slice of paradise with live music, food, drinks, and good vibes. The festival is often located at a resort, so there is access to the beach, pool, lounge chairs, and hammocks to rest your feet from all the dancing. Their past partnerships included La Gi and Hodota resorts, which provide accommodation ranging from beach camping to high-end bungalows.

Quest Fest

Okay, so not exactly in Saigon, Quest is a pilgrimage many Saigonese take in November. It’s a three-day music and arts festival located in the forests of Saigon. It’s been running for three years, offering a hub for local talent and a beautiful international community. The festival was canceled at the last moment in November 2018, due to the Vietnamese government denying the celebrations permits to proceed, so its future is currently unknown.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! These are some of the more well-known and respected places, but Saigon nightlife is constantly growing because wonderful venues are opening every day.