Sakura Care Will: Japanese-Style Full Maid Service in Saigon

When it comes to high-class housekeeping, Sakura Care Will tops the list in Saigon.

Have you ever caught a maid using the same towel to clean your dinner table after finishing your bathroom? Or using perfume (sometimes coconut juice!) to wash your windows? Have you had a hard time explaining to her that “It’s not the correct process”? With Sakura Care Will, you will never face this kind of awkward situation. Once their professional staff confirms, “The cleaning is done”, it means the floor is really dry.

What makes Sakura Care Will different?

This subsidiary of Sakurakaigo Group in Vietnam stands out with its Japanese-style management. As a matter of fact, Japanese people care about the details. When Sakura Care Will says its core value is to “Make a better life”, the company truly works hard to satisfy the clients.

Managed by the Japanese Director Mr. Uemura, this house care service provider takes full responsibility for the staff work. The 10 company rules require trust, honesty, being on time, and only using suitable equipment and tools. Sakura Care Will has a strict contract, and penalties could be applied to maids who fail to follow the rules.

Sakura Care Will's staff must implement the Japanese cleaning standards

Above all, the staff must implement the Japanese cleaning standards: from inside to outside, top to bottom. Such specifications are intuitive for Japanese people, and Sakura Care Will suffers from no direct competition in Ho Chi Minh City so far.

Here is more information about this housekeeping service company:

Website: Sakura Care Will
Facebook: Business Page
Address: Lux 6 24OT09 Vinhomes Golden River, 2 Ton Duc Thang, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: 02838379068 (or 0938784114)

Japanese training for local maids

Mr. Uemura recognizes their recruitment process is quite precise. The company takes the fingerprints of all maids and applies penalties if there are any mistakes. Management feedback cannot be ignored. There is a system of yellow/red cards leading to immediate termination.

Sakura Care Will's staff is watering plants carefully

Sakura Care Will mostly hires young people, since elders may have a harder time adapting to such working conditions. The first thing requested to candidates is to open their mind. Managers teach maids to follow protocols such as neatly trimming their hair and wearing a uniform. Their thinking should be long-term, not short-term.

Applicants must go through no fewer than twenty hours of training before working for a real client. There is a manual and a checklist to follow strictly. Maids must be polite, greet house owners, wash their hands, and deliver impeccable housekeeping work.

Japanese-style maid services

Wash and iron service of Sakura Care Will

The company covers a broad range of home care services. Given the employee expectations at Sakura Care Will, maids specialize in housekeeping for busy people.

Besides that, the staff can:

  • Clean following Japanese standards
  • Wash the clothes and linens
  • Cook for children or adults
  • Shop groceries to save your time
  • Care of your pet companions
  • Care for your kids or elders

Cleaning house service of Sakura Care Will

Impeccable standards and happiness guaranteed.

Sakura Care Will offers three main service packages:

  • Value plan: to get all the primary services
  • Premium plan: more services available, including babysitting, and you can choose yourself your maid
  • VIP plan: only serviced by the most experienced maids, available on Sundays and holidays until 10 pm, with high flexibility

For better convenience, clients can book such services more easily via their application for Android and for iOS.

Sakura Care Will pricing

Wiping service of Sakura Care Will

While the average Vietnamese hourly rate costs around 30,000 to 60,000 VND for maid service, the Value plan starts at 99,000 to 120,000 VND for one hour.
The Premium plan is the best seller for being the best combination of quality service and pricing. You pay from 128,000 to 200,000 VND per hour to choose your maid, access more services, and have more scheduling flexibility.

Then comes the VIP plan at exactly 600,000 VND per hour. For this price, you can even request two of the five-star maids from Sakura Care Will to work together. They will be available into the late evening (10 pm) every day, including holidays.

The company mostly serves the upper and middle class of Ho Chi Minh City. Most of the clients are locals, but there are also Japanese (of course!), Chinese and native English speakers, who are all looking for the perfect service quality.

This premium pricing ensures the respect of maids efforts, justifies the professional training they receive, and guarantees the high quality of the cleaning tools.

Free practical house care advice

We had the chance to speak with the Japanese Director of Sakura Care Will, Mr. Takaaki Uemura. He shared useful know-how, taken from his business experience and lifestyle.

To the question: “What free and easy tip do you recommend to people willing to keep their home in good shape?”, Mr. Uemura answered: “Never keep useless old stuff in your house”. According to him, if you don’t use an item for six months or more, you better give it away, or sell it, or just throw it away. It’s a simple but efficient way to keep your house clean and organized.

Sakura Care Will was featured on VTV9 at the beginning of 2019. If you are looking for a professional maid service, don’t hesitate to contact them!