The 5 Best Trekking, Cycling and Adventure Tours in Vietnam

Adventure tours in Vietnam are a great way to see the country. Here are our Top 5.

Vietnam is home to breathtaking vistas, endless rice paddies and an intriguing history. And very few things beat using your body as transport to see all those wonderful sites. Perhaps you should consider some adventure tours in Vietnam. Trekking and cycling allow for so much as you make your way from village to village. You can slow down, and take in more of your surroundings using all five senses. Lucky for you, we’ve got a Top 5 we can recommend.

Adventure tour in Vietnam

When is the best time to go on an adventure tour in Vietnam?

Vietnam is a year-round destination. The country covers over 1,000 kilometers from north to south, meaning seasons vary dramatically. Picking the best time to go on a cycling or trekking tour in Vietnam is largely dependent on the location. But overall, the best time to visit Vietnam is between February and April or August and October.

Trekking tours in Vietnam

A majority of Vietnam’s trekking tours are largely centered around its northern parts due to the dramatic mountain paths, minority local communities and, best of all, its inaccessibility to vehicles. Here is a selection of the best on offer:

Mr Linh’s Adventures’ 4-Day Discover Ha Giang

Adventure tour takes you to teh beautiful view of Vietnam mountains

Mr Linh’s Adventures is a specialist local tour operator that has been in business for over 10 years. They pride themselves on offering local experiences that few other tour operators can, in order to give their customers a more complete picture of Vietnam and what life is like there.

Starting in Hanoi, this tour takes you to the beautiful, awe-inspiring panoramic views of Ha Giang and Dong Van, trekking over mountain passes and through deep valleys. Tea plantations, sprawling forests and stays in local minority villages will be the highlights of this trekking tour in Vietnam.

  • Company: Mr Linh’s Adventures
  • Suitable for: all ages – suitable level of trekking fitness required.
  • Price: from $277 per person (dependent on group size).

Sapa Sisters’ 3-Day Sapa Trekking and Homestay Tour

View of Sapa Town from above

Sapa Sisters is a social enterprise run by a local ethnic minority group based in the stunning highlands of Sapa. They offer some of the most authentic trekking tours in Vietnam and, as you may have guessed by the name, are owned and run entirely by women.

Tourism in this area has provided these women with new opportunities and the chance to earn sustainable incomes, support their families and watch their communities prosper. Sapa Sisters don’t believe in set itineraries as it can get in the way of real cultural experiences so choose your length, budget and type of accommodation and Sapa Sisters will make it happen.

Cycling tours in Vietnam

Cycling tours, like trekking tours, enable you to venture off the beaten track and discover endless views, local villages and the beauty of the Vietnamese countryside. Fueled by culinary discoveries, a cycling tour in Vietnam will not disappoint. Here is a selection of the best on offer:

Tripfuser’s 8-Day Cycling in the Rural Mekong Delta

Bike tour around ethnic minority villages in Vietnam

All of Tripfuser’s tours are unique. You can work with in-destination local experts to create your perfect trip. Among their wealth of Vietnam tours, there are a number of pre-made cycling, trekking and adventure tours for you to choose from.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, add your dates, budget and desired activities and create your very own tour. This tour will take you through the Mekong with its endless waterways, floating markets, and stunning rice paddies. You’ll be cycling straight into the heart of the countryside with this special cycling tour of Vietnam.

  • Company: Tripfuser
  • Suitable for: varying levels of ability – trips can be tailored to your ability.
  • Price: $918 per person.

Spice Roads’ Cycling Vietnam’s Central Coast 10-Day Tour

Bike tour in Central Vietnam

Spice Roads believe that the world is best seen by bicycle. They believe it gives you chance to slow down, take in your surroundings and truly experience the area instead of just chasing the next ‘must-see’ attraction.

Each day on this 10-day tour you’ll flop into bed with memories that will last a lifetime. You’ll explore the iconic sandy beaches and emerald waters of Vietnam’s coast, tackle the twists of the Hai Van Pass and zoom through the rice paddies of Hoi An. Are you ready to take on 470 kilometers of Vietnam’s central coast

  • Company: Spice Roads
  • Suitable for: those with a reasonable level of cycling fitness.
  • Price: from $1,950 per person plus bike hire (dependent on size of group).

This is just a selection of the mountains of trekking and cycling tours in Vietnam. Vietnam has so much to offer a traveler but we often feel like we have to tick off as many destinations as possible. However, slowing down and exploring just a small section by foot or by bike will bring you a wealth of unforgettable memories and unique local experiences that no one can match.